Mother's house

Location: Trai Lang village, Co Dong ward, Son Tay town, Hanoi
Year of completion: 2019
Construction area: 220m2
Photo: 1+1>2 Architects, Hiroyuki Oki

Mother’s house is located in Jackfruit Village, Co Dong Commune, Son Tay district, Western suburb of Hanoi. The land slopes gradually to the lake with spacious views.
The house is an organic symbiosis with nature. Hiding under jackfruit and grapefruit trees, the thatched roof spreads to the lake, continuing with the branches, wavily continuing with the river flow.

Elevated ground floor slightly slopes according to the topography hence the elderly mother could walk and exercise indoor on rainy or sunny days, while ensuring natural surface drainage, avoiding termite, humidity. The design adheres to local vegetation and existent terrain. It is a place where humans coexist peacefully with living creatures and plants.
Adobe bricks were built from the earth in its own land, increasing insulation efficiency. Broad expanse thatched roof creates porosity to soundproof, control solar radiation efficiently, shelter from the rain and make shadow itself.

Each space in the house offers an interesting and different experience. The terrace – buffer corridor is curved by the house’s shape and connects all functional spaces, represents the image of mother’s outstretched arms holding their children. View from the rooms facing the lake, receive fresh air and open up the picturesque water surface.
The house creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere, related to the context with both familiar and strange feelings. This design is a suggestion for contemporary rural housing architecture. The house breathes with the atmosphere, living creature, plants tenderly and subtly.