Dream Residence

Old Hanoi is a system of villages in the city of  water areas, large trees, friendly spaces, close to local people. In the context of the urbanization, high buildings have been established fastly, high speed of concretizing, high density, traffic jams, dust, human and living environment,  polluted environment, etc.  The idea is to build a "HANGING VILLAGE" in vertical axis, creating a peaceful ecosystem which helps filter dust and reduce noise. The building uses two-layer low-E glasses material, non-heating bricks. Main direction is Southeast which is good for natural lighting and ventilation. Aluminum louvers to the West which efficiency reduces directly radiation. The structure of the floors is designed differently, curved, illustrated images of village lanes. Vegetation with fruit trees, diversified shade trees, safe habitat of creatures. Rain water collecting system, automatic irrigation and saving resource. Designed to ensure privacy while having a common living space, enhancing the ability of dialogue between residents.

The building removes the separation between the indoor space and the nature outside, and is the highlight of the green, peaceful spaces among the busy traffic junction.