Exhibition house of bottles


Faculty of Architecture and Planning - National University of Civil Engineering


Architects                                : 1+1>2 Architects (http://112.com.vn/)

Investor                                   : National University of Civil Engineering

Location                                  : H2 zone, National University of Civil Engineering

Architect in charge                 : Hoang Thuc Hao, Nguyen Duy Thanh, namA

Construction work                  : Nguyen van Au, namA, volunteer student

Year                                         : 2016

Site Area                                 : 64 m2

Construction area                   : 51m2

Photographs                            : Son Vu


Exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning displays projects of students, green architecture projects. Creating an image of the Faculty of Architecture which not only has the ability to apply advanced science and technology into teaching, practice architecture with creative ideas but also very practical.

The idea of clouds brings many different perspectives for the viewers:  a symbol of technology, soaring creativity of students and young lecturers. In another perspective, the clouds of plastic bottles remind us hundred tons of smoke rising from the industrial park, motorized traffic, construction works every day...

The architect proposed a solution for the design and construction of multi-directional clouds floating stereoscopically without any regulations by a modular structure. Specifically, this solution creates a flat arc modular structure which makes the construction process easier. In addition, the shape of the flat frame structure is used as the rack for hanging panels or the plane for setting exhibition models.

With the use of familiar and simple materials such as: recycled plastic bottles, steel wire d8, tension cable  and the help of two construction workers, five volunteer students, and young architects, the exhibition block had been built in total 5 days.

The plastic bottles cloud is suspended in the air on a green grass platform, displaying unique architectural project ideas with a strong message of creativity and a sense of environmental protection to the students ( main object of the exhibition) – who will become an important force contributing to sustainable development.

The contrast of low-tech materials with high-tech shape makes an impressive visual effect. Plastic bottles cloud was completed with personal wishes of architects: the development of high tech science-based architecture in the creative elements of blocks, solutions for environmental protection, energy saving, reused materials may become a trend, a direction of Vietnamese contemporary architecture.