Thin apartment

The trend of box-shaped apartments with a central ladder core is quite popular in big cities in our country. This form first meets the needs of land use, but is very limited in terms of natural lighting and ventilation for apartments and the middle traffic core. Thin apartments with a reasonable length - width ratio, maximum contact with nature is a suitable trend for Vietnam's tropical high-rise areas.


TUTA CENTER building - Thin apartment building is located at the gateway of Bac Giang, along National Highway 1. With the main Southeast direction, it has the advantage of receiving cool wind and avoiding the West sun. Design all apartments in direct contact with nature, wide open view, stretching along the national highway, one side is the landscape of rivers, mountains, immense fields, the other is a young developing city.

Functions of works: basement for parking, warehouse and technical room; 1st and 2nd floors are for commercial centers serving apartment buildings and city people; floors 3 to 7 are comfortable apartments with 2 options, standard apartments and penthouses.

Bac Giang has many high-tech industrial parks, Thin apartment is one of the projects to meet the modern needs of people, domestic and foreign experts.


The design language is simple and coherent. The difference in the architectural solution is the waterfall system: 1 large waterfall in the middle of the hall, 8 small waterfalls on both sides, creating a different impression for the building. The green space between the corridor and the apartment maintains the necessary privacy, while ensuring natural lighting and ventilation.


Located at the gateway of Bac Giang, Thin apartment building is like a new symbol of the city's development. The building follows the green trend, saving construction and energy costs in the solution of organizing green space itself. Thin Apartment hopes to create a driving force for development and contribute to the direction of local architectural trends in the future.