Vertical Pixel Village

An urban residential buildings contain the concept of vertical villages, which is a dialogue between living space and water surface, greenery, bringing the Eastern tradition to the modern language. The pixel-shaped structure is a refinement of the details of rafters of Vietnamese communal houses and pagodas, running from the floor spreading in columns and spreading horizontally to the ceiling areas, evoking the image of the banyan tree. head of the northern village. The porch layers and sky gardens interact with the water surface, creating a harmonious natural environment between the city and an ideal habitat for birds and creatures. Flexible glass partition, taking light, effective natural ventilation, energy saving. 
The structure of each floor is different, make an impress of information encryption technology from tiny squares QR code that helps to keep indigenous genetic code DNA. It is also the implication of architects when creating modern works while preserving the traditional core value, acculturing indigenous architecture and culture, reshaping and developing in the direction of modernization.